We like the shady twilight zone between art, music, film and performance.


The fondness for this realm of the rising sun originates from an abyssal love in art that doesn’t want to make commitments to any topics or disciplines, but perceives itself as an aimless and senseless expression of head, heart and hand, that becomes aware of itself as an elementary need.


Leaving the postmodern discourses far behind, Beaster are interconnected by a super-historical classical belief that the rift between avant-garde and salon art cannot be bridged. The risk to fail as a component of a non-historical contemporary avant-garde is part of their idea. Better


to swerve in deep powder snow of unknown hillsides without steamrolling it, without steamrolling a runway: Towards the abyss!






The expression that accidentally becomes art, forgetting what this all means. The venture that it becomes daft! Refreshing yourself by the embarrassment in being misunderstood instead of wallowing in comforting agreements. Preferring the bareness of wanting something in contrast of atmospheric kitsch!


Angela Fette, Sascha Hahn, Christian Jendreiko and

Phillip Schulze are Beaster.


MUHKA Antwerp: ›Akt II: Baquette‹, September 2015


Bergerkirche Düsseldorf: ›Akt I: Das Maß ist voll‹, May 2014


Slow Club: ›Debut Release‹ Freiburg, February 2013


Museum für Neue Kunst: ›Essay‹ Freiburg, February 2013


Kunstverein Freiburg: ›Im Laub der Dekade‹ Freiburg, February 2013


Morat Institut: ›Serial Noise Duo‹ & ›Electronic Arcs‹ Freiburg, 2013


Stadttheater Freiburg / Finkenschlag: ›Freecastle‹ Freiburg, 2013