The multi-sensorial installation series ›Arts & Kraft‹ is impelling hypnotic and distancing effects onto participants and therefore enticing a stand.


An arrangement of halogen-lights are placed based on the surrounding architecture as well as the situative realities of the given environment, yet at the same time, the organization is not fully constrained to it.


High voltage gasoline generators will be started by a performer in regular intervals of 15 minutes. The generator will provide the entire technical arrangement with the needed energy (the lights as well as the dimmers).


Programmed by the artist beforehand, the lights will dimm from ›on‹ to ›off‹ in a steady pulse. As brighter the lights are, as more energy the generators have to produce – this phenomenon is acoustically and physical traceable due to the sounding and vibration of the operating machines as well as the gasoline smell in the gallery room. 10% of the produced power is consumed for the bright shining lights, 90% is exhausted for the warmth that the lights produce, sending ›heat-waves‹ into the space.







On condition that more then one generator and dimmers are deployed and not started simultaneous, it is furthermore possible to slightly differentiate the pulse of the dimmers in such a way that poly-rhythmical structures are developing over time.



Kunsthalle Düsseldorf: ›Düsseldorfer Triebwerk‹ January 2014


Parkhaus im Malkastenpark: ›Arts&Kraft‹ Düsseldorf, October 2014