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13th Japan Media Art Festival 2009

Out of Award-winning Works of the 2009 Japan Media Arts Festival, the Jury Committee has recommended these excellent works from each division.

The Wind Tunnel

Louis-Philippe Demers / Armin Purkrabek / Phillip Schulze

Category: Interactive


Dies Stück Zeit - 24 Künstler im Advent

Türen öffnen in der Bergerkirche: jeden Abend – ein Künstler – 20 Minuten
Wie beim Adventskalender ist es eine Überraschung, wer an welchem Abend auftritt.

mit: Lena Willikens • Fauna • Brett Laut Experience • Pyrolator • Tom Lorenz • Volker Bertelmann–Hauschka • Celloduo Feuerbogen • Georg Munk • Wolfgang Abendroth • Stefan Schneider • Thorsten Nolting • Wolfgang Engstfeld/Peter Weiss • KABAWIL e.V. •Till Laßmann & Max Fiedler (Mexer) • Phillip Schulze • Harmonious Thelonious • Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber • Frank Schablewski & André Chi Sing Yuen • Heinz Hausmann (MpsC) • Clementine Jesdinsky • Angela Fette & Phillip Schulze • A Six No feat. BTism • Paul Wirkus •

Gastgeber: Labor für soziale und ästhetische Entwicklung >> Ein Projekt von: Melanie Klofat Büro für elementare Zusammenhänge

1.– 24. Dezember 2009
täglich ab 18:30 Uhr – am 24.12. ab 11:30 Uhr
Bergerkirche Bergerstraße 18a Düsseldorf Altstadt, Germany


Loop Line: Concert & CD Release

Tetuzi Akiyama
Toshimaru Nakamura (Non-Input Mixing Board)

& Guest Phillip Schulze

Loop Line

Loop Line 2

Loop Line, Tuesday 17.11.2009, Tokyo, Japan


Japan Music Week Experimental Music Festival


The AnnubHava Orchestra
la bruha la negra

Phillip Schulze (Germany)

+ more
+ djs until early in the morning
Cover Charge: ?1500 with 1 drink

Gamuso, Friday 13.11.2009, Tokyo, Japan


Dotolim concert series_10 Phillip Schulze

Dotolim Korea

Phillip Schulze (Laptop, etc)

& Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki (turntable, laptop), (CDPlayer)


Dotolim, Saturday, November 7, 2009 / 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sang-Su Dong, Seoul, Korea



Diapason Gallery presents current perspectives on the idea of "microsound"- a technical term and also a musical genre - in honor of the 10th anniversary of the .microsound.org mailing list (founded by Kim Cascone). 10ms features multi-channel installations, sound objects, performances, lectures, texts, and other media.

Microsound is a term that encompasses explorations of sound on a time scale "shorter than musical notes." It includes and overlaps genres such as glitch music, granular synthesis, lowercase sound, etc.

Participating artists:

Brett Ian Balogh, Riccardo Benassi, Kim Cascone, Thanos Chrysakis, Rob Curgenven, Taylor Deupree, Ian Epps, Patrick Franke, Heribert Friedl, Richard Garet, Sarah Karp, Kenneth Kirschner, Thomas Köner, Tomas Korber, Damian Marhulets, Mamoru Okuno, Kamran Sadeghi, Erik Schoster, Phillip Schulze, Bernd Schurer, Keiko Uenishi and Tamara Yadao.

Curated by Daniel Neumann

03. - 30. October

Diapason Gallery
882 Third Ave, 10th floor (btw. 32 & 33 st)
Brooklyn, NYC, USA


The Interaction and Entertainment Research Center presents:

Explorations into Interactive Architectures
Exhibition and Party

Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers (Principal Investigator)
Armin Purkrabek (Research Associate) Phillip Schulze (Research Associate)

Wednesday 7th October 2009, 6pm - late
Artists Presentation 7pm

NTU Singapore / Building N3 B4 W321 - Nanyang Walk



Daily Research

Daily is a video research project, focusing and documenting humans, their solitary behaviors, their behaviors in conjunction with other humans, animals, objects, sites & thoughts. The project arises out of the former and successfully finished internet project "The 4 Years In The 3rd Millennium Project."

After four years accessibility without interruption through the internet, the first 611 documents/days will be removed. The rest 851 (starting with the video "greetings") will be accessible for a uncertain time. For more information please visit T4YIT3MP.



Notations 21

In 1968, composer and musical innovator John Cage compiled examples of music by the best composers of his time: Milton Babbitt, Leonard Bernstein, George Crumb, Luc Ferrari, Igor Stravinsky and the Beatles. They were presented at random, with guidance only from the I Ching (in typical Cage fashion) with only a few words of description. This book became an instant classic, an introduction for the public at large to modern music, and the fascinating, innovative forms of notation that had only just started to emerge.

Notations 21 is a modern compendium and anthology, deriving its inspiration from Cage's seminal work. Thousands of new composers are creating scores, the likes of which Cage could have never anticipated, that are graphic in nature, liberated from the traditional staff, and rival the best visual art in their aesthetic value. The modern music world did not cease its innovations in the 1960's. It will profile the work of 165+ composers from around the world, each one using a unique or graphical notation style.


Notations 21 (Hardcover)
by Theresa Sauer (Author)

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher (April 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979554640
ISBN-13: 978-0979554643
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.7 x 1.5 inches


Musik mit Max & Phillip Schulze

Bahaya Schulzes - Das Beste aus 150 Goldenen

Donnerstag 21. Mai ab 20 Uhr

Grabbeplatz 4
40213 Duesseldorf



Crash!Boom!Bau! - Festival Neue Szenografie

May 1st - 17th 2009, Theaterhaus Jena & Weimar

The workshop will focus on scenographical issues regarding the integration
of interactive audio-visual systems within spaces such as the theatrical
stage, the urban public environments and architecture.

The workshop will comprise of a series of presentation on key concepts,
hands-on sessions and individual project development.

Prof. Luis-Philippe Demers

Armin Purkrabek

Phillip Schulze


17.04.2009 8PM

IMMpact* No. 1

Video Documentation Düsseldorf Sounds Festival

Germany 2008, 35', Director: Jonas Hummel, Fabian Schulz.

Black Box Schulstr. 4 - Düsseldorf, Germany


Visiting Artist

Guest Lecture

New College & Music Department, University of Alabama, USA

13 April 2009

Presenting Media Art Works & Concepts.


30. March. 2009

T4YIT3MP After 4 full years successful finished.

The 4 Years In The 3rd Millennium Project (T4YIT3MP) ( 30.03.05 - 30.03.09 )

The project will continue as personal research but not on a online basis. So far each day of all four years are still excessable!



Dies Stück Zeit 24 Künstler im AdventDotolim Seoul South Korea10ms Microsound Diapason New YorkNotations 21Crash Boom Bau Festival Bauhaus Weimar

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004–2002


Software Development

Concepts of Sonic Sequencing/Sampling, Real-Time Audio Manipulation, Interactive Multi-Channel Sound Environments & OSC integration in Max5.

Main Motive:

The development of an interactive real-time sequencer & audio-transformation/mutation environment that functions as a experimental standalone musical instrument, as well as a novel sound engine that can be operated externally by multi-touch environments via OSC/UDP protocols.

Development Dec. 2008 - March 2009


Employment: Research Associate

Interactive Fine Arts - School of Art, Design & Media Singapore

Since Nov. 2008

I.E.R.C (Prof. Luis-Philippe Demers)
Interaction and Entertainment Research Center
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


Corrido, Narcocorrido, Banda aufgelegt von Phillip Schulze (Audio & Video)

25. Sep. 2008 / 11PM

Grabbeplatz 4
40213 Duesseldorf



Come into my Kitchen

VideoScreening - Christian Aberle

Alexander Cigale, Melusine Eichhorn, Kerstin Fischer, Thorsten Hallscheidt, Eva Keil, Thomas Kiesel, Ulf Neumann, Phillip schulze, Julia Pfeifer, Hugo Schneider, Elka Kania, Kerstin Silbermann, Miriam Tute, Daphne Walsh.

17 August, 2008 / 9PM

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung / in The Context of
Alti Aylik & Nüans zu Gast bei
Facts + Fiction GmbH

Anna-Schneider-Steig 2 / Rheinauhafen, 50678 Köln


Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA

Composition and performative designs by Katherine Young, Phillip Schulze, Sally Norris, and Brian Parks realized by each other and colleagues from Atlanta

Solo Variations (Norris) Archery Instead of Bowling (Deluxe Edition) for typewriter and electronics (Young) Underworld (Dancing) for trumpet and wurlitzer (Young) Activated Progressions nos. 1 and 3 for piano or keyboard (Parks) and two live episodes of The German and the Jew (Schulze/Parks, stage design by Schulze)

29 - 30. July, 2008

Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA, USA


5 Minutes to What

Neumann / Schulze

Kunstverein Hildesheim, Germany

17. May - 29. June, 2008


Striking Mechanism CD Release Event: Quartet Solo Series

Featuring the experimental work of Jonathan Chen, solo electronics; Andrew Dewar, solo saxophone; Marina Peterson, solo cello; & Phillip Schulze, solo electronics

Saturday, May 17, 2008, 8PM

160 Tracy St. in the Chase Street Warehouses, Unit 4
Athens, GA, USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Striking Mechanism Experimental Music Workshop

Open rehearsal & performance by Jonathan Chen, Andrew Dewar, Marina Peterson, & Phillip Schulze

Sunday, May 18, 2008, 2PM

160 Tracy St. in the Chase Street Warehouses, Unit 4
Athens, GA, USA

Funded in part through Meet The Composer’s MetLife Creative Connections program.


Anthony Braxton - Large Ensemble


Friday , May 8, 2008

Middletown, CT


Module (Chamber 01) Combination III

In greifbarer Nähe (in seizable proximity)

Module 7: Middle C Cycles and Tensions / Intentions (The Hand of Man)

Module 8: Static Out-Breath / Transferral Simulacrum (with Resonant Possibilities)


10:30PM / 7 of May 2008

Memorial Chapel / Wesleyan University / USA


Michael Pestel - Central Park Zoo

Michael Pestel, Brian Parks, Phillip Schulze, Katie Young, Amy Cimini

11AM - 3PM

Saturday & Sunday , May 3 & 4, 2008

New York City , NY


Performances in near-inaccessible environs, public and private spaces

Brian Parks + Nat Slaughter + Phillip Schulze

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Middletown CT, USA

word by moth


EL Dorado RoundUp

Module Comniation II

The MHS Band ° Phillip Schulze

7pm ° 27 March ° Beckham Hall ° Wesleyan ° Center for the Arts ° 2008


TOOLS OF MIND, magazine edited by Matt Marble
52 pp., 8 x 9", saddle-stitched, numbered edition of 150, hand-stamped cover,

$7 Now Available!

Collecting the work of international composers, artists and thinkers, each contribution in this book offers a model, design, plan, or score. Each contribution reflects a shared path of origin - the mind as a resource. As tools of action or reflection, these models speak to the mind within and about us, often blurring the distinction between functionality and aesthetics. TOOLS OF MIND intertwines performance scores with diagrams & texts from diverse fields of thought - from the notation of heartbeats to the architecture of the weaverbird and the choreography of Shaker service. The book as a whole offers itself as a mosaic... and humming beneath every page is a simple imperative:

List of Contributors:

David Abel (PDX)
Peter Ablinger (Germany)
Jonas Baes (Philippines)
Seth Cluett (Princeton)
Christian Keston (Germany)
Matt Marble (PDX)
Pauline Oliveros (USA)
Mark Owens (PDX)
Adam Overton (L.A.)
Michael Pisaro (L.A.)
Tara Rodgers (Canada)
The Rebar Collective (SanFran)
Phillip Schulze (USA/Germany)
Dan Senn (PDX)
Scott Smallwood (Princeton)
Craig Shepard (USA/Germany)
Yasunao Tone (Japan/USA)
Giancarlo Toniutti (Italy)
Heather Watkins (PDX)



Module II ModuleII ElDorado RoundupFlux Quartet 2007

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004–2002



30th November 2007

4 x solo / 1 x quartet

Art League of New Britain
30 Cedar Street
New Britain, CT

A new monthly performance series of experimental works. Hosted by the Art League of New Britain. This concert will feature four solo works and a collective improvisation by German electronicist Phillip Schulze, bassoonist Katherine Young, bassist Andrew Lafkas and saxophonist Andrew Dewar.


08th November 2007


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MSP VII + VIII Video Documentations Online

MSP Shortcut I - VIII (120mb)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Module New Work Series 2007

Module 1: American lights premierd by the FLUX Quartet

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

C. Series C.04A / C.04B Make a Sound...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reconstruction #3 (september 2007)


30th October 2007


Music / Space

Christian Jendreiko / IFF (Institut für Feinmotorik) / MSP VIII (Meyer, Schulze, Purkrabek)
Installation Works by Wesleyan Composers & Students

30 Oct. 2007, 5 - 11PM
Various sites around the Wesleyan University Campus, Middletown, CT 06459 USA

Download Map

Three acts working in the field of music, art and installation, as well as Wesleyan composers and students, will explore different ways around the subject of space and music. With multiple locations around Wesleyan campus, the extended concert situation will free the audience by giving them the decision of when and how they will explore the pieces and installations. WhereabOuts is curated by Phillip Schulze, installation projects where developed in the seminar “Composition in the Arts“ taught by Ron Kuivila.


28th October 2007

IFF + MSP at Share NYC

Bernhard Loibner

IFF (Institut für Feinmotorik)

MSP VIII (Meyer, Schulze, Purkrabek)

Share NY

Sunday afternoons @ Reboot 7pm to 1am.

37 Avenue A
between E. 2nd x E. 3rd Sts. NYC, NY, USA


20th October 2007

"5 minutes to what" (2006)

Ulf Neumann | Phillip Schulze


nted at the

Kunstfilm Biennale Köln 2007

Filmforum Museum Ludwig,

Köln, Germany

Through visual and auditive reduction the video "5 min to what" tries to focus the audience perception to basic movement patterns in a urban context.The observer is for the most part confronted with a totally dark video screen and a steady clicking sound.
Only fast movements of flashlights illuminateing for a short time parts of the dark and impenetrable space that the two actors and the observers are trying to explore.


11th October 2007

The FLUX Quartet Plays Wesleyan Composers

The renowned FLUX Quartet will play new works of Wesleyan graduate student composers Anore Marquetti, Phillip Schulze and Katherine Young, as well as alumnus, Swiss composer Roland Dahinden.

Wesleyan University, CT, USA

WesCrowell Concert Hall
Free admission


6th and 7th October 2007

düsseldorf sounds

Art and Music from Düsseldorf Festival
The Kunsthalle Düsseldorf will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with a two-day Art and Music from Düsseldorf festival in the building erected in 1967 on the Grabbeplatz. For many decades now art and music have enjoyed a particular symbiosis in Düsseldorf — unlike any other city — be it Fluxus, serious music and jazz, punk, new wave, rock and electronica. The festival düsseldorf sounds presents the diverse musical activities of the Düsseldorf art scene in partially new and unexpected groupings of musicians and artists. The concerts will take place in different locations within the whole building: in the spaces in the Kunsthalle and the Kunstverein, on the stage in the Kom(m)ödchen, in the Salon des Amateurs bar, in the Walther König book shop and in the Kunsthalle's car park facility.

With: Antonelli, Thomas Bernstein & Jojo Wolter, blueelephant, Henning Christiansen, Elena Farr, Stefan Ettlinger, Hauschka trifft Pyrolator, L@n, Dieter Moebius & Mapstation, PONY, Phillip Schulze, noise me tender / Jörg Steinmann, Strafe F.R., Sun State, Superbilk, Peter Thoms, Tolouse Low Trax, Toscanelli & Freunde, Werni & Jendreiko, Miki Yui amongst others.

Entrance: 5 pm
Start: 6 pm

Day Ticket: EUR 15 / concessions EUR 12
Combi Ticket for both days: EUR 25 / concessions EUR 20
Festival organisation: Peter Gorschlüter


12. July. 2007

MSP VI Meyer Schulze Purkrabek

rOundabOut 07

Karlsruhe, Germany, New-York-Str 2044


26. May. 2007

Anthony Braxton Sextet + 1 Moers Festival

Taylor Ho Bynum: tp
Jessica Pavone: v
Jay Rozen: tu
Phillip Schulze: electr
Chris Dahlgren: b
Aaron Siegel: perc, vibes

Moers Festival - Anthony Braxton Sextet + 1

Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany

PDF Program


12. May. 2007

An Evening with Alvin Lucier

Part of the Aloud Allowed - Experimental Music Series

Musicians: David Jensenius / Eric Paul / Kyle Brenders / Phillip Schulze / Hiram Navarrete / Andre Marquetti / Jennifer Caputo


Firehouse 12

45 Crown Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, USA - Cost : 15$


10. May. 2007

Transnational Ecologies 1: Sounds Travel
A realisation of Alvin Lucier's Quasimodo the Great Lover (1970)


AUDIO STREAM ACTIVE MAY 10:  http://giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3

(please check our website at www.mrogalsky.net/transnational 
for any last-minute changes in the stream URL)


30. April. 2007

Reconstruction Series

An ongoing tape-pieces series based on songs that have been deconstructed by different composers, which I try to bring back to their original state.


13 + 14. April. 2007

A Tribute to James Tenney


A pair of concerts celebrating the life and works of the late composer James Tenney. The Friday concert includes selections of Tenneys Postal Pieces, performed by Wesleyan graduate student composers. The Saturday concert features original works by graduate student composers based on the musical ideas of James Tenney.Graduate student composers will discuss various aspects of Tenney's work at a colloquium on Wednesday, April 11th at 4:15pm in Music Studios, Room 301. Under conduction by Alvin Lucier

Friday & Saturday, April 13 & 14, 8pm

Wesleyan University, USA


30. March. 2007

T4YIT3MP halftime (2 of 4 Years)

The 4 Years In The 3rd Millennium Project (T4YIT3MP) ( 30.03.05 - 30.03.09 )

Few thoughts concerning T4YIT3MP at half time.

1. I realized (and that is no surprise), that it is physical and mental strenuous to create or "find" every day something special, interesting, something valid to post (and this is not always possible).

2. Positive are the long walks outside every day – the constant research for different environments, different combinations of new and known objects and / or environments - going different ways, with open eyes, or not!

3. The most interesting situations are happening if they are not expected, if I am not consciously looking for them - the idea of the "Flâneur" is worth to mention. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flâneur).

4. Most (video-) pieces (the recent ones even more extreme) consist of simple still and moving object combinations - something fixed, is interacting somehow with something variable, and / or something random (audio is interacting with video).

5. The (video-) frame is manly steady / fixed.

6. Not every piece is important by itself - every piece acts as a filter of meanings - as a signifier to a broader idea. Many posted videos and audio pieces will create a more explicit picture of this idea.
But this idea is not fixed or predetermined – it is more a loose structure or a network of abstract references.

7. Some of the more recent pieces are exploring the same idea differently.


posted 15.03.07 (745 days to go)


8. Feb. 2007

Guillermo Gregorio Ensemble plays music from and with Guillermo Gregorio

Kyle Brenders, Jennifer Caputo, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Phillip Schulze, Carl Testa, Caley Monahon-Ward, Katie Young, Jonathan Zorn.

Wesleyan University, Crowell Hall, Middletown CT



15. + 16. Jan. 2007

Talk & Work Presentation

15. 01.07 @ Seminar "Angekratzte Utopien - Musikkonzepte von 1950 bis heute" - Joyce Shintani 5PM

16.01.07 @ Seminar "Unbedingte Universität" - Stefan Schneider 5PM

HfG Karlsruhe Germany



Tools Of MindWhereabouts Festival Wesleyan UniversityKunstfilm Biennale KolnDusseldorfs Sound 2007Moers Jazz Festival Anthony Braxton

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004–2002



11. Dec. 2006

Works and Improvissation by

Bertrand Russell's Capital T, Andrew Dewar, Derek Hoffend & Katie Young.

Wesleyan University, Chapel, Middletown CT



09. Dec. 2006

A/V performance c.h.i.a.k.i 1/3 - part.2

Chiaki Watanabe / Phillip Schulze / Sylvia Mincewicz

part of La Superette 2006 at

Eye Beam

540 West 21st Street New York, NY 10011




29. Nov. 2006

Videonale - Im Kunstmuseum Bonn

Elektronenströme / Black Box Video Works

Kunst Museum Bonn



27. October - 5. November 2006

fps: floating perspective showcase

group exhibition

Kumho Museum of Art

Seoul, Korea



since 16 October 2006

MySpace Music pages:







13 October 2006 9pm $5

Andrew Raffo Dewar(soprano saxophone), Phillip Schulze (live electronics) Duo.

The Creek and the Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY, USA


Einladung zur Präsentation + Ausstellung des Magazin:



17.08.2006 - 19.00 Uhr - Atelier Zimmerstraße - Zimmerstraße 8a - 40215 Düsseldorf

22.08.2006 - 17.00 Uhr - Maxim - Machabäerstraße 29 - 50668 Köln -

25.08.2006 - 19.00 Uhr - Galerie Eva Bracke - Torstraße 170 - 10115 Berlin - + Ausstellung 26.08.2006 - 02.09.2006

Mit Beiträgen von:

Andreas Fischer
Simon Hemmer
Julio Herrera
Robert Kraiss
Ulf Neuman
Max Schulze
Phillip Schulze
Constantin Wallhäuser

Extra Beitrag:
Rory Hayes / USA



concert: listening point 1

KAMUNA, Karlsruhe, Germany

Jonathan Chen, Elmar Faschmin, Hannes Herold, Chingo Inao, Paul Modler, Rie Watanabe



rOundabOut 6

HfG Karlsruhe - Kubus, Germany

o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) NY + Phillip Schulze


26 - 30.06.06

Otko TV - Play: Volume 27


- Visual Culture -

TV- Sender Okto
Wiener Kabelfernsehen, Kanal 8

Sonderprogramm mit den Schwerpunkten Kurzfilm, Künstlervideo, Musikvideoclip, Experimental- und Avantgardefilm.




Media Art Thesis Concert / Screening / Performance

21.30 Uhr HfG Karlsruhe - Kubus

"5 minutes to what" | 5 min. video loop | ulf neumann | phillip schulze

"C.02B_V2" | composition for string instruments and video score

"MSP " | experimental music | light | florian meyer | phillip schulze | armin purkrabek | concert V


17 - 21.05.06

“Art and Education” within the Art Moscow art fair

Art & Education: virtual Conference

Interview: Peter Weibel / Phillip Schulze



opening concert

Kunst Computer Werke

exhibition (ZKM / HFG)

"MoSch" - Paul Modler / Phillip Schulze Duo



Ausstellungseröffnung: + / -

Ausstellungsraum "Auslage"

Nördliche Waldstrasse 29 - Karlsruhe - Innenstad



MSP Concerts:

16th of may 2006: Salon des Amateurs - with Bryan Eubanks (USA)

26th of april 2006: Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe - Ichiigai

30th of march 2006: Lichthof 4 HfG Karlsruhe - First Year T4YIT3MP



The four years in the third MilleniumCarry Over Schulze Superette 2007 Eye Beam New YorkFloating Perspective Korea

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004–2002




Light & Computer Modding Fan - Installation

E. O. For Nerds / Karlsruhe im Frühling

>Project Homepage



Re/act Festival 2005
Ichiigai Label


"Das laengst auch ueberregional bekannte und erfolgreiche elektromechanische Trio wird dem wohlgesonnenden Publikum in gewohnt hoher Qualitaet eine schillernde Vielfalt an Klang und Klängen präsentieren. Vielen Dank."

Meyer: präparierter Plattenspieler / Rechner
Schulze: live electronic
Purkrabek: lights



T4YIT3MP Widget

"The 4 In The 3rd Millennium Project" Dashboard Widget" shows you how many days / h. / min. / sec. are left till the project ends + easy link to webpage - you need Mac OSX 10.4 to run.




Low and Away

featuring Matt Bauder (reeds), Phillip Schulze (computer), Jessica Pavone (viola), Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Jonathan Chen (violin) and Andrew Lafkas (Bass).

20.00 PM
The Lucky Cat
245 Grand Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
New York, NY, USA


Composition for String Quartet and Video Score (C.02B)

played by the Flux Quartet (more infos below)

The Composition C.02B is based on a video. The Video Score will be presented in front of the players on monitor screens and at the same time on a big projection screen for the audience to see.

The score contains beside a film playing instructions for the musicians including staff notations, and text and graphic instructions.

For the entirety of the piece all four players play one long glissandi across two strings. The glissandi needs to be played over a period of time of nine minutes without a break. This means the movement of the fingers must be as slow and as minimal as possible.
Additionally, the two fingers are playing the glissandi at two different speeds.



FLUX Quartet Plays Wesleyan Composers

Thursday, November 17, 8pm
Crowell Concert Hall
Free Admission

The FLUX Quartet (Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris, Max Mandel and Dave Eggar) and vocalist Anne Rhodes will play new works by Wesleyan composers and current graduate students Jonathan Chen, David Jensenius, Sabrina Schroeder, Phillip Schulze and Toby Twining.



"The Bertrand Russell's Capital T"

(Phillip Schulze and Jonathan Chen)

and "Low and Away"

featuring: Phillip Schulze (computer) , Aaron Siegel (percussion),
Jessica Pavone (viola) and Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone)

10:00 pm

Red and Black

135 North 5th St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn



"low and away", experimantal improvise quartet

with Andrew Raffo Deward: Saxophone / Jesscia Pavone: Violin / Phillip Schulze: Live Electronics / Aaron Siegel: Percussion

08.22.05 / 09 PM University for Art and Design Karlsruhe / Lorenzstr. 15
Lichthof: concert & lecture*

08.23.05 / 06 PM
Art Academy Duesseldorf / Eiskellerstrasse 1 
Hörsal: concert & lecture*

08.23.05 / 10 PM
Bar in the Kunsthalle / Duesseldorf / Grabbeplatz 4 Salon des Amateurs: DJ Max and Phillip Schulze 

08.24.05 / 09 PM - Buttclub / Hamburg / Hafenstrasse 126: concert

* Lecture in english: 
“The Mobile Listener: Sound in Public Space, Sound as Public Space”: Aaron Siegel



composition for four woodwinds and video play back (C.02A) at rOundabOut05 - Karlsruhe, Germany

players: martin heinze / paul modler / marc teuscher / tobias wootton



Day 100 atthe 4 years in the 3rd millenium project"



Bertrand Russell´s Capital T - US Tour 2005

Jonathan Chen: Analog Feedback / Violin | Phillip Schulze: Live Electronics

Tour Dates:

Middletown, CT *
Thursday May 19 *

“EMS-Wesleyan University“

Philadelphia, PA *
Wednesday May 25 *

“The Manhattan Room”

with special guests Gene Coleman (bass clarinet) & Andrew Dewar (soprano saxophone)

Pittsburgh, PA *
Sunday May 29 *

“Garfield Artworks”

Chicago, IL *
Friday June 3 *

"The Art Institut of Chicago“ concert and lecture in Nick Collins class

“Heaven Gallery”

with special guests Tatsu Aoki (bass) & Virgil Moorefield (percussion)

opening sets by Julia Miller (electric guitar / electronics) and
Lucy Davis / Jamie Kempkers duo (harp & cello)

Plus Sound Installation by Jonathan Chen: “Nude Being Dressed By Swift Words Whilst Sleeping Furiously”

Chicago, IL *
Saturday June 4 *

live concert at radio "WNUR"

“3030” concert

with special guest Carl Testa
(bass clarinet)

plus sets by Greg Davis / Steve Hess Duo (electronics & percusssion)

Iowa City, IA *
Tuesday June 7 *

”Gabe's Oasis”



**Braxton Ensemble**

8pm, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, CT, USA



Phillip Schulze / Jascha Narveson split concert:

New music for various instruments and electronics

Tuesday, April 19th, 8pm, Memorial Chapel
Wesleyan University, CT, USA


I. “Bertrum Russells Capital T“ - Jonathan Chen: Violin / Phillip Schulze: Live Electronics - improvisation

II. “One for Violin (Computer) Solo" – Phillip Schulze: Live Electronics (March 2005)
- based on a recording of “One for Violin Solo“ (Nam Jun Paik)

III. “Composition for four Woodwinds and Video Score“ (April 2005) –
Dave Kadden: Oboe/ Angela Opell: Clarinet / Dave Ruder: Clarinet / Carl Tester: Bass Clarinet

This concert will also be streamed to the internet, and can be viewed live at:




The 4 Years In The
3rd Millennium Project (T4YIT3MP)

( 30.03.05 - 30.03.09 )

phillip schulze

"The 4 Years In The 3rd Millennium Project" is a multimedia project that will be presented through the internet in the form of a daily dispatch over the fixed period of four years, starting from the 30th of march 2005 until the 30th of march of 2009.

The project will start with a musical performance at 9pm EST in the Memorial Chapel of the Wesleyan University CT, USA with followering artists:
Jonathan Chen / Andrew Dewar / Andrew Lafkas / Phillip Schulze / Aaron Siegel.

for more info:

the avent is the advent



“Composition (C.01B) for Long Sustained Sound, Percussion and Computerplayback“ (2004) for clarinet, percussion and violin. Playing on the composition with him and then accompanying Schulze in several improvisations are the saxophonist/composer Matt Bauder, sound artist/improviser/violinist Jonathan Chen and composer/percussionist Aaron Siegel.


Share - New York



**Braxton Ensemble plays with Bill Dixon**

Phillip Schulze - live electronic

8pm, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, CT, USA

sleyan University, CT, USA



Schwarz Weiss Magazine 1Backseat Of My Heart

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004–2002




**Braxton Large Ensemble Concert**

Phillip Schulze live electronic

Friday, December 10, 8pm, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, CT, USA



**Gamelan Concert**

thursday, December 09,
8 pm, World Music Hall,
Wesleyan University, CT, USA



**Alvin Lucier Graduate Composition Semiar Concert**


Tuesday, November 30th, 4pm, Memorial Chapel
Wesleyan University, CT, USA


Celeste Hutchins
Toby Twining
Anne Rhodes
Sabrina Schroeder
Phillip Schulze
Will Swofford
David Jensenius
Jascha Narveson
Aaron Siegel
Jessica Feldman
Jonathan Chen


24 - 27/11/04


Stonegarden (Ryoanji), Soundinstallation, with Rees Archibald

part of:
Conference Consciousness Reframed 2004: QI and COMPLEXITY

Consciousness Reframed 2004 is a forum for developments in the field of art, technology and consciousness. This year we will address emerging issues under the rubric of Complexity and Qi




Composition / Video from Ichiigai opening concert at the Viper 2003 Basel, Switzerland.

ROTOR, one of the first independent HDTV productions worldwide, has been presented live/open air with 2 projections, 1 led text display and 6-channel soundtrack at the theaterplatz basel.

ROTOR is part of a largescale movieproject about the end of the fossil world and the search for an infossil beginning for the following generations.


Steffan Fischer
Paul Modler
Nico Völzov
Phillip Schulze
Michael Saup
Steffan Mackatch
Luc Darm



Karlsruhe Highspeed

Demonstration Schichtung_01 / Simple Music

Concert at the birthday off the Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, Musterraum, Germany.

with Rees Archibald - Acid Maria



Turntables ´n´ Toys

Concert ZKM - Musikbalkon, with Markus Kritzokat and Jürgen Galli.



Segmentation - Sound, Software, Instalation.

Segmentation at the ZKM Subraum

Philipp Rosenbeck / Phillip Schulze / Kai Welke




Ars Mediale Krakau, Poland with Armin Purkrabek




The Utility Muffin Research 02 - life music

Nacht der Museen - Kunstverein Düsseldorf with Max Schulze.

Düsseldorf, Germany.



Fuge in H-Moll

three tape compositions

Palindromfest Music Academy Karlsruhe with Thomas Schattling.

Karlsruhe, Germany.